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I have also noticed from a couple of sites i recently worked on that the SQL query tool of my mod is not working on some sites. I am hoping this forum will serve as a place where people will report any issues they find with my tools. Please continue to report any problems with this new version. You added a member search to Site Administrators section!!!!!!! : D I tested and so far everything is working pretty good on mac. I believe the upload portion works, but there is a problem with the single entry portion. Added sorting by ID or Member Name to Site Administrators section. Now you can quicky reset all pages in page builder back to the default width, or set to any width you like. The shoutbox messages could not be deleted and the site tags could not be deleted. You will have to update to get the tools reinstalled. As well as my black template that has also been affected by the 7.0.1 release due to some changes in module CSS files.Once you have your logo created and saved to your local computer, you upload it via Admin Logo.There is an option to “Enable resizing” and settings for the width and height – deselect this option. Customize banners : Customize your rotating Promo Banners by creating your own personalized images with the dimensions of 994px x 262px.Yes, that’s right, Dolphin puts you in the drivers seat and gives you full control; you are able to build your own dating sites, social networks or any community network you have ever wanted.The great thing about Dolphin is that the software is open source which comes down to the fact that you can modify and expand it as you like without restrictions.Next, it's time to configure the system with a site name, admin credentials and email for various system purposes.Dolphin is an open-source community building software.

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The one drawback to using the free edition is that there are embedded ads for Boonex Dolphin within the product that cannot be removed without purchasing a license. Once you click passed this installation screen, the system does a quick permissions check to see if your host is configured correctly.It can be used for development of dating sites and social network portals.