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Tree species collected for dating include (fir) on the Tibetan Plateau, which could not always be determined to the species level due to the parallel occurrence of species of the same genus in these regions.

Some of the wood samples were successfully dendro-dated with local tree-ring chronologies, but many could not, indicating a potentially higher age than the existing local chronologies.

Pretreatment appears to be an important variable, with results showing differences in C age between the progressive “collagen” and filtered gelatin chemical treatment stages.

Amino acid profiles suggest there is a proteinaceous but non-collagenous contaminant which is removed by the more rigorous pretreatment.

We suggest that the reliability of pollen dating can be evaluated by comparison with wood cellulose or charcoal ages from the same stratigraphic level.

Dating pollen concentrates from the various profiles indicates paleomonsoon precipitation variability at the loess/desert transitional belt from the late Pleistocene to the early Holocene.

AMS dating of fossil shells demonstrated that they could provide valuable age information.

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The age of occupation of this site has previously been determined based on 50 radiocarbon measurements.The site dates to the late Archaic phase of southern New Zealand prehistory (about 650–500 BP; 14th–15th century AD).