States not mandating e verify

17-Oct-2017 16:19

In 1990, 13% of all worker disability cases handled by Northwestern National Life, a major US underwriter of worker compensation claims, were due to disorders with a suspected link to job stress (Northwestern National Life 1991).

A 1985 study by the National Council on Compensation Insurance found that one type of claim, involving psychological disability due to gradual mental stress at work, had grown to 11% of all occupational disease claims (National Council on Compensation Insurance 1985).* * In the United States, occupational disease claims are distinct from injury claims, which tend to greatly outnumber disease claims.

Alexander, R-Lake Wales, says he knows first-hand about the federal system -- since he uses it as a farmer and citrus grower.

The report concluded with a list of two dozen urgent problems requiring priority attention, including occupational mental health and contributing workplace factors.Among its many observations, the report noted that psychological stress was increasingly apparent in the workplace, presenting ...